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  1. bakurcixis XIIb klasis banketi

  2. bakucixis sajaro skola, banketi- недвижимость батуми.

    Gismeteo v batumi

  3. novostroiki v batumi

  4. bmw- .

    Batumi sukhumi georgia

  5. batumi 2018

  6. Batumi City and Batumi Botanical Garden2018 Georgia- .

    Otdih v batumi project

  7. Love Batumi - Movie 12

  8. Project Title: "Share Your Love of Batumi"Project Coordinated by: Department of Tourism & Resorts of Ajara A. R.Interviewers: Eter Jincharadze, Ketevan Putkaradze, Tebrone Shavadze, Mariam Kobakhidze, Tsiala Akhvlediani, Edo Ardzenadze, Anri Bejanidze (Students of Tourism faculty at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University).© 2013 www.goBatumi.comSpecial thanks to all the guests of Batumi :)- .

    Bgi в батуми

  9. BGI Introduction

  10. Learn more about BGI's history, products and services in our short animated video. Visit for more information.- .

    Ресторан батуми на академической

  11. Ресторан Икра в батуми

  12. в Батуми открылся новый ресторан, с колоритным названием ИКРА, необычное меню и интерьер.- .

    Алматы батуми прямой рейс

  13. Рейс Алматы- Европа 02

  14. Едем потихоньку 😉- .

    Giorgi tevzadze batumi sheraton

  15. RIP !!!!! Driver - Giorgi Tevzadze

  16. BMW M5 DRIVER - Giorgi Tevzadze OOM 500- .

    Xaoc devices batumi botanical garden

  17. xaoc devices batumi + glockenspiel

  18. in this first test with a newly acquired xaoc batumi, i have the batumi in phase mode (which allows shifting the 2nd-4th lfos 0-360 degrees out of phase relative to the 1st) to control parameters on the mutable instruments clouds and the mannequins three sisters filter.the clouds was fed by a mic recording glockenspiel into an 8 second buffer. the square wave output of lfo 1 on the batumi was multed to both the position and texture inputs of the clouds. the sine output of lfo one was used to control the phase of lfo 2, whose own sine was controlling the cutoff frequency of the filter. the saw wave output of lfo 2 was used to control the phase input of lfo 4, whose square wave output was used as a clock source for the qu-bit nano-rand and whose sine wave output was fed into the fm input of the three sisters. the nano-rand's output feeds the size input of the clouds.for more sound experiments, subscribe to the channel: follow me here: .

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