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  1. Belle Vue Batumi Residence with Torsten Weller

  2. «You should be more aggressive in advertising Georgia»Torsten Weller (@torsten.weller.52) the general manager of Hilton Batumi (@HiltonBatumi) shares his experience of moving and living in Batumi, Georgia. What makes Georgia in general and Batumi in particular so attractive to live and work there? What to expect in the beginning? A sober look at the quality of life in Georgia, at food, medicine, transport and quality of construction. Learn about one of the best places to live in Batumi – Belle Vue Residence (@BelleVueBatumiResidence).Watch the video, enjoy the best view of Batumi, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel «Better Place to Live»! #batumi #batumicity #batumilife #hiltonbatumi #hilton #luxuryapartments #bellevue #residence #adjara #georgia #georgiahomes---Hilton Batumihttp://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/geor...Your best partner in Georgia http://propertyingeorgia.ge/Sales inquirieshttps://www.leadingproperties.com/con...#batumi #batumicity #batumilife #hiltonbatumi #hilton #luxuryapartments #bellevue #residence #adjara #georgia #georgiahomes- недвижимость батуми.

    Batumi port agent jobs

  3. City of Colombo Development Plan

  4. colombo port city project video,colombo port city project youtube,colombo port city plan,colombo port city 2016,colombo port city skyscraper,colombo port city jobs,colombo port city animation,colombo port city map- .

    From batumi to sochi

  5. From Sochi to St. Petersburg by train

  6. A trip from the Russian city of Sochi to the city of St. Petersburg by train. The distance between the cities is 2500 kilometers. The journey takes about two days. The train passes through small towns, life in which has stood still.Do not forget to turn on the subtitles.- .

    Боржоми батуми маршрутка

  7. дорога Ахалцихе-Хашури. Проезжаем Боржоми

  8. Оренбург-Грузия-Оренбург август 2014 . Едем из Батуми в Тбилиси через Ахалцихи. Проезжаем Боржоми- .

    Batumi georgia lovers statue

  9. The Statue of Love, Georgia

  10. In Georgia 'The Statue Of Love' is called 'Sekhvarulis Kandakaeba'. This is a massive, 7 metres high statue in the shape of a male and a female. This statue is placed on the shore of the Black Sea in Batumi Boulevard. This amazing piece of art is created by the Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze and it is based on the famous love story of Nino and Ali. A miniature of this statue firstly was exhibited in London during an art exhibition after which the original statue has been established in the city of Batumi. The most amazing thing about this statue is that both of the personages move towards each other after 7pm which is controlled with computers. This appears from a distance like both statues kissed each other. The statues are magnificently lighted up what gives the visitors a sight that they can never forget. It took almost ten months to the artist and his team to construct this masterpiece.- .

    Banketi 2015 batumi dolphinarium

  11. ბათუმის დელფინარიუმი Batumi Dolphinarium (Parti 2)

  12. ბათუმის დელფინარიუმი Batumi Dolphinarium (Parti 2)- .

    Shavi zgva batumi botanical garden

  13. Quarryhill Botanical Garden

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    Download suara srigunting batumi

  15. Tangkap burung sri gunting cuma pakai jengkrik

  16. Burung srigunting populer dengan keahliannya dalam menirukan suara jenis burung lain. Namun selain itu burung srigunting juga populer dengan akal yang licik khususnya dalam mencari makanan.Pada habitat yang aslinya, burung ini selalu mencoba merebut makanan yang sudah dibawa burung yang lain. Caranya dengan menakut-nakutinya dengan memakai suara burung predator yang sudah di kuasai.Di negara Indonesia, ada berbagai macam jenis burung srigunting dan setiap jenisnya itu masing-masing punya kemampuan menirukan suara burung dengan baik.- .

    Volta pra mim amor mancha de batumi

  17. Volta pra mim

  18. se eu pedir você volta pro meu coração , pelo amor de Deus não me diga não . VOLTA PRA MIM , MATHEUS AMANCIO ?- .

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