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  1. Construction of Trump tower to begin in Batumi

  2. Construction of Trump tower to begin in Batumi11.03.11Trump tower will be constructed in Batumi, Georgia - the corresponding agreement was signed in the head office of the billionaire between the Trump`s organization and Silk Road Group in New York on Thursday.The influential American billionaire determined his primary investment in Georgia with 250 million dollar and it will be invested in the construction of dwelling complexes and hotels in Batumi and Tbilisi at the first stage. The construction will begin in Batumi and only afterwards, the projects will be implemented in the capital. The Trump complex will include casinos, business and entertainment centers. Donald Trump is supposed to visit Georgia soon.After the ceremony held in New York, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and the American billionaire answered the questions of journalists regarding the projects. Trump reiterated that the primary investment made in Georgia would be 250 million, but the sum would increase as it was a large scale project.When questioned by the correspondent of Rustavi2 whether the billionaire would visit Georgia, Mr. Trump answered he would.Georgian president said he was very proud for signing an agreement about the first project with Donald Trump.- недвижимость батуми.

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  5. Fresh Tuna - Wholesale Seafood Distributor - Jacksonville, FL

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  9. Hotel INTOURIST, Batumi

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  11. Dolphinarium Batumi 05.07.2018

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