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  2. Adèle est une pouf :D et Charles est un pouffon?- недвижимость батуми.

    Karabakh batumi dolphinarium

  3. დელფინების ცეკვა Dolphin's dance

  4. http://parkbatumi.geბათუმის დელფინარიუმი. ფრაგმენტი შოუდან. Batumi Dolphinarium. Extract From The Dolphin's Show.- .

    90 полк грвз г батуми 2000 2001 г.г..

  5. КЭУ г. Караганда Выпускной ИС-41, часть 3

  6. КЭУ г. Караганда Защита диплома, группа: Информационные системы 2001-2005 г.г. Зав.каф. Омарова Ш.Е.- .

    Батуми грузия достопримечательности

  7. 💦ВОДОПАД Махунцети и Мост ЦАРИЦЫ ТАМАРЫ / Грузия/Батуми / GEORGIA 📷

  8. 💦ВОДОПАД Махунцети и Мост ЦАРИЦЫ ТАМАРЫ / Грузия/Батуми / GEORGIA 📷 Сравнительно недалеко от Батуми находятся сразу две достопримечательности: водопад Махунцети и арочный мост, пересекающий горную речку эпохи правления царицы Тамары. Брызги хрустально чистой и холодной воды, потрясающие горные пейзажи и незабываемая аура, — все это водопад Махунцети, расположенный в 30 км от Батуми, в районе горной Аджарии.Присоединяйтесь к моим путешествиям!Follow me! BE HAPPY! #HappyKristyВЛОГ ПРО ГРУЗИЮВЛОГ ПРО МОИ ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ #sarpibeach #грузия #батуми #сарпи #пляж #влогдлядетей #batumi #ilovegeorgia #stonebeach #черноеморе #blacksea #georgiatrip #georgia #vlogforkids #гамарджобагенацвале🐞✿🐞 HAPPY KRISTY 🐞✿🐞♥ Подписывайтесь, друзья -♥ Нравится - ставьте Лайки 👍♥ Я люблю читать ваши комментарии 💖💗- .

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  9. Batumi Hotels And Resorts: Top 10 Best Luxury Hotel In Batumi 2018

  10. Hotels and Resorts in Batumi. Welcome to Top 10 luxury Hotel by travellers In 2018. Best Luxury Hotel In Batumi. Subscribe in[] Now you can discover the best Batumi hotels in our top 10. You will find the best luxury hotel in Batumi. Visit our website about the best hotels in Batumi and you will find the best deals to book your room. Our ranking of best hotels includes the following accommodations: Radisson Blu Hotel Batumi in Batumi Sheraton Batumi Hotel in Batumi Hotel Aisi in Batumi Boutique Hotel O. Galogre in Batumi The Admiral Hotel in Batumi Hotel Intourist Palace in Batumi Divan Suites Batumi in Batumi Batumi World Palace in Batumi Sky Tower Hotel in Batumi Wyndham Batumi in Batumi these hotels you will be able to enjoy different facilities such as WiFi available in all areas, Beach, , Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, Billiards, Packed lunches and Bottle of water.The following characteristics are also remarkable Snack bar, Breakfast in the room, Room service, Special diet menus (on request), Bar, Wine/champagne, Restaurant (buffet), Restaurant, Kid meals and Fruits.We hope you have a pleasant stay in Batumi and we hope you enjoy our top 10 of the best hotels in BatumiAll images used in this video are or have been provided by Booking. If you are the owner and do not want this video to appear, simply contact us. You can find us at .

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  11. JM MC - Batumi ( ბათუმი )

  12. JM MC - Batumi ( ბათუმი ) 2012Like us on FB :გადმოწერა : : One Love--------- About Batumi ------------Batumi (Georgian: ბათუმი) is a seaside city on the Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia. Sometimes considered Georgia's second capital, with a population of 121,806 (2002 census), Batumi serves as an important port and a commercial center. It is situated in a subtropical zone, rich in agricultural produce such as citrus fruit and tea. While industries of the city include shipbuilding, food processing, and light manufacturing, most of its economy revolves around tourism.Batumi is located on the site of the ancient Greek colony in Colchis called Bathus or Bathys -- derived from the Greek phrase bathus limen or bathys limin meaning "deep harbour". Under Hadrian (r. 117--138 AD), it was converted into a fortified Roman port later deserted for the fortress of Petra founded in the times of Justinian I (r. 527--565). Garrisoned by the Roman-Byzantine forces, it was formally a possession of the kingdom of Lazica until being occupied briefly by the Arabs who did not hold it; in the 9th century it formed part of the Bagratid monarchy of Tao-Klarjeti and at the close of the 10th century of the unified kingdom of Georgia which succeeded it.Batumi today is the main port of Georgia. It has the capacity for 80,000-tonne tankers to take materials such as oil which is shipped through Georgia from Central Asia. Additionally the city exports regional agricultural products. Since 1995 the freight conversion of the port has constantly risen, with an approximate 8 million tonnes in 2001. The annual revenue from the port is estimated at between $200 million and $300 million.Since the change of power in Ajara, Batumi has attracted several international investors with real estate prices in the city trebling since 2001. Kazakh investors have reportedly invested $100 million to purchase more than 20 hotels in the Ajara region of Georgia. Construction of a number of new hotels will be launched in Ajara's Black Sea resorts starting from 2007.[dated info]Batumi was also host to the Russian 12th Military Base. Following the Rose Revolution, the central government pushed for the removal of these forces, and in 2005 an agreement with Moscow was reached. According to the agreement, the process of withdrawal was planned to be completed in a course of 2008, but the Batumi base was officially handed over to Georgia on November 13, 2007, ahead of planned schedule.[3]In July 2007, the seat of the Constitutional Court of Georgia was moved from Tbilisi to Batumi in an attempt to further facilitate the regional development- .

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  13. Gruzija / Грузия / Georgia

  14. Gruzija 2012- .

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