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    Погода в батуми@rambler.ru


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    Цены на продукты в батуми

  5. Цены на продукты в Германии

  6. Цены на продукты в ГерманииInstagram: https://instagram.com/ljubuschin/odnoklassniki: http://ok.ru/profile/562347669760vk: https://vk.com/id209778642facbook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...- .

    Nino burjanadze batumi beach

  7. Nino Burjanadze

  8. Нино Бурджанадзе. В Грузии арестованы 7 сторонников оппозиции. На очереди - семья Бурджанадзе- .

    Georgien batumi hotel sanapiro

  9. Hilton Batumi, Batumi, Georgia

  10. Hilton BatumiRustaveli Street 40, Batumi, 6010, Georgia___________________________________________________________________Luxury hotel with spa, near Batumi DolphinariumFree WiFi in lobby and free parkingThis hotel has 247 rooms- .

    Batumi weather yahoo local

  11. local weather

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    Simgera axali batumi realtor

  13. Bero - Mesxuri / ბერო - მესხური

  14. bero axali simgera mesxuri (qartuli simgera)- .

    Xaoc devices batumi project

  15. xaoc devices batumi + glockenspiel

  16. in this first test with a newly acquired xaoc batumi, i have the batumi in phase mode (which allows shifting the 2nd-4th lfos 0-360 degrees out of phase relative to the 1st) to control parameters on the mutable instruments clouds and the mannequins three sisters filter.the clouds was fed by a mic recording glockenspiel into an 8 second buffer. the square wave output of lfo 1 on the batumi was multed to both the position and texture inputs of the clouds. the sine output of lfo one was used to control the phase of lfo 2, whose own sine was controlling the cutoff frequency of the filter. the saw wave output of lfo 2 was used to control the phase input of lfo 4, whose square wave output was used as a clock source for the qu-bit nano-rand and whose sine wave output was fed into the fm input of the three sisters. the nano-rand's output feeds the size input of the clouds.for more sound experiments, subscribe to the channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/josephbranc...or follow me here:http://www.instagram.com/josephbranci...http://www.soundcloud.com/joseph-bran...http://www.twitter.com/jos.branciforte- .

    Cat untuk melukis batumi

  17. Cara membuat media lukis menggunakan triplek

  18. Cara membuat media lukis menggunakan triplek dengan bahan cat tembok,. Media ini sanagt cocok untuk cat acrilik dan melukis menggunakan tinta cina/Ink painting.- .

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